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Bomber Released On Shoe Technicality
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MIEBAD, VA - A mob outside the Federal Courthouse expressed its ardor over the release and aquittal of Mohamar Intridi, known internationally as Akbar Unmaylah, AKA Unwar Mol Munyanami. Intridi was accused of attempting to plant bombs on city buses. The materials found on Intridi at the time of his arrest, his behavior at the time, and the materials found during a search of his apartment led authorities to arrest him last May.

"We caught him under a bus, bomb in hand, about to screw it into the underplating," said Officer Len Underwood. A subsequent search of his apartment revealed a detailed plan to attach similar bombs to a total of 30 buses, then detonate the bombs remotely all at the same time. Records indicated that 10 bombs had already been attached. These were all located and safely detonated.

"The law is the law. It protects you, it protects me, and today it protected the rights of Mr. Intridi." So says Jerold Wineroot, a court-appointed defense attorney assisting Intridi. From the beginning of the trial, Intridi has insisted on representing himself. Said Wineroot, "Mr. Intridi was entitled from the very beginning of this procedure to proper attire. We all are. It was an outrage. Justice has now been served."

The law stipulates that an accused person will be clad in an orange jumpsuit and provided with a pair of slipper-like shoes. The shoes provided to Intridi were a full size too big. "The shoes, were always with the falling off. Staying on the feet were not what they were doing," complained Intridi. "No one should be subjected to that." argued Intridi through his legal advisor.

The judge agreed, and dismissed the case.

"It should've been a slam dunk," said Underwood, clearly disappointed with the ruling.
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