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Religious Tribunal Reverses Ruling, Will Not Impose "Nose In The Book Penalty"
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ZEALONTA, BACKWARSTAN - A religious tribunal has reversed its earlier decision in the face of worldwide ridicule, deciding not to impose the "nose in the book penalty" on Yoni Corbula. Corbula stands accused of having expressed interest in the latest Harry Potter book. "I said the cover artwork was neat," says Corbula, "must my nose suffer for good artwork?"

The religious tribunal, ruling on religious matters under the strict ShamOnYu code, ruled that expressing such high praise amounted to an approval, even a recommendation, of the "demon-inspired wickedness" found within the pages of the book.

Her government-appointed legal team argued that since Corbula was not aware of the content of the book, her comment could not rise to the level of a recommendation. The tribunal -- which hears the appeals to its own decisions -- has decided that this argument has merit. Their new ruling states that, "The defendant's ignorance mitigates her wicked actions. It is the opinion of this court -- and therefore the opinion of the Great ShamOnAllYa Himself -- that she suffer only the loss of 11 strands of hair which will be burnt publicly along with the despicable tome."

Her legal team is appealing the ruling.
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