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Consumer's Wallets Fatten With Ten-Cent Gas Price Plummet
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SOWUT, OH - Industry and political leaders hailed the latest gas price figures, showing a ten-cent per gallon drop on average nationwide. At a press conference announcing the findings, Tom Gleam of PetroTech said, "We're pleased that the market and the world has reached a point where this mile-marker could be reached. We rejoice with all Americans that they can keep these extra dollars in their wallets."

"Big deal." That was the response of Jared Piques, of Sowut, Ohio. "What's a dime? Who cares?" But a very different reaction came from Clem Cornwalker. We asked Clem why he had purchased a personal 500 gallon fuel tank for his home. "What with the prices come down, and with the war in Iran (sic), and all that, I figured it would just go back up. So I figured I better hit while the tie-rod (sic) was hot, so to speak." When faced with the fact that he was saving about $50 over previous prices, and reminded of the cost of his new tank, he replied, "Forget you."
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