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"General Sue": Brian Tso Attacks Internet Recipe-Sharing
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LITTLE GATE, NY - Brian Tso announced this week his intentions to file lawsuits against individual internet users that are sharing his great uncle's chicken recipe. "It's intellectual property that belongs to my uncle's estate."

While recipes have been exchanged for years, and many variations of "General Tso's Chicken" exist, Tso claims that his great uncle is at least indirectly entitled to royalties. But why now?

"For the first time in history, people can exchange recipes peer-to-peer, enabling them to literally search and share thousands of recipes. Recipe-sharing networks like Snackster and Morphood have facilitated it, but we think going after the users will stop the thefts before attacking the networks will."

Tso had previously tried to stop the recipe sharing by flooding the networks with rogue recipes, suggesting the use of talcum powder and sawdust, but the sharing continued.

The RIAA (Recipe Industry Action Association) said in a written statement, "We support our members' wishes to defend their intellectual works, however we are not clear on the connection between Mr. Tso and the particular recipe class in question." The association's concern stems from the lack of any records indicating a geneological link between the historical General Tso and Brian Tso. "He's a fraud," says Chance Hinkman, of, a research firm helping people reconnect to their Chinese roots. "Mr. Tso's family line is significantly clearer when you learn that he legally changed his name to Tso just last August. And there are no obvious Chinese lines running back from his previous name, Wolinsky."

We contacted Mr. Tso to get his comment on this information. He did not return our request for a second interview. No lawsuits have yet been filed in the case.
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