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Iran To UN - Stop USA's "Killer Robot" Program
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ISPAHRANOYD, IRAN - The Iranian ambassador to the UN will make a speech to the security council today demanding that the United States be forced to "prove it is not developing an army of invisible killer robots."

Washington has responded to the charges before they have been officially made, saying in a statement, "We carry on research in various fields, including weapons. Current technology makes invisibility a practical impossibility. The American soldier is much more than a 'robot' and there is no plan on the table to replace him with one."

Tehran was not reassured by the statement. "The Americans have been importing electronic and surveillence materials, exactly what you would need to create the invisibility fields. And as for robots, don't ask us to believe that the country that produced Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lost in Space hasn't developed killer robots."

How proof could be offered is currently unknown. An advance copy of the speech obtained by the Associated Press has Tehran asking the UN to form what it calls the IIKROA or the International Invisible Killer Robot Oversight Agency. The proposal calls for all nations developing Invisible Killer Robots to keep the IIKROA informed. Countries accused of developing the technology without informing the IIKROA would be subject to inspections, and sanctions if the country could not prove its innocence.

When asked if the US would ratify such an agreement, the US ambassador had no comment.
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