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OAL Announces It Is Dropping Its Name Altogether
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AYOWEL, VA - Amid falling corporate value blamed largely on its failed merger with media giant Burner Broadcasting, the board of directors of On America's Lines, known worldwide as OAL, is dropping its name entirely. The press release says that this was a "move that's been in the pipeline for months and is not related to the merger or current market conditions."

Nonetheless, analysts say that the company will experience an uptick in stock value. "Everyone hates the three letters 'OAL' now," said Sandra Deeters, an independant stock broker. "Dropping the name makes sense."

But it leaves open the question of what to call the company. The press release offers little guidance, "We have been and continue to be a strong company. Names are just labels, Man, you call us whatever makes you happy." The press release was issued in the name of "The company formerly known as OAL"
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