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Athlete Denies Chivalrous Act
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GOTAREP, CO - NBA rising star, Bryant Boke, denied claims that he acted "chivalrously" toward a 19-year-old woman. "He held the door for me, and told me, 'Have a nice day.'" said a tearful Tawny Loorin.

"Bryant is a hard-livin', hard-partyin', young man, and the allegations that he acted appropriately toward this woman are simply preposterous," said Sid Ganett, Boke's agent, "We will fight this in the press, and we will fight it in court if it comes to it."

It may come to that. Already sponsors are warning that they may cancel endorsement contracts if the allegations don't die down. "We are buying a certain image," said Warren Schecter, vice-president of marketing for AthleCorp. AthleCorp is the parent company of several shoe and apparel manufacturers. "If the 'Bad Boy of the NBA' is going to start having tea parties and hosting NOW rallies, well, we'll need to look elsewhere for a representative."

"There was a party that night," countered Ganett, "and my guys are talking to everybody that was there. We'll clear this up. There were surely some people there that will vouch for Bryant's true character. He's not the man this story is trying to make him out to be."
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