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Boss And Office Sycophant Separation Surgery Successful
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PARACITY, TX - Doctors say both men are in stable condition after a 34-hour surgical marathon in which they were surgically separated. The names of the patients are not being released. Reported the lead surgeon, Dr. Leonid Tolsky, "The sycophant had embedded himself in the boss's brain and lungs, and was increasingly making inroads into his heart. The boss often complained of 'suffocation', and referred to the sycophant as a 'blood-sucking leach'."

According to the doctor's accounts, the boss had been unable to have the sycophant fired or otherwise transferred due to internal company politics. "Everything he tried to do only made matters worse," said Tolsky, "surgery seemed like the only remaining option."

Both men are being kept in a coma while the recovery of their brains is monitored.

"The amazing part of the whole affair is that the sycophant was all for it. Anything to please, it seems. Anything, that is, but leave on his own," mused Tolsky.
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