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Straw Poll Shows Dean Over Kerry In New Hampshire
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THYMETUBALE, NH - A straw poll conducted this week in New Hampshire shows Howard Dean with a strong lead over rival John Kerry in the Democratic Party presidential primary. Straw is not eligible to vote in the state, but its opinion is often a bellwether of the voting public.

"I like Dean's attitude toward lawn-seeding," said one bundle of straw that preferred not to give its name, "he assured me that he would support tax incentives for landscaping companies that cover newly-seeded areas with biodegradable synthetic materials rather than abusing straw for the purpose. Naturally, I'm for that."

"It doesn't really matter to me," was the view of Dell Grassy, a bale of straw participating in the insulating of a trailer. "Either way, I'm here on the ground. I'm wet, I'm moldy. They always talk to us, but in the end, they really don't represent us."

Straw is the stalks and leaves of threshed grain. It is distinguished from "hay" in that hay retains the seed material. Generally, hay is fed to animals while straw is used for their bedding.
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