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Controversial New Diet Plan Criticized
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CAHMENSINCE, NH -- A recently published study linking eating and exercise habits with weight is receiving criticism from all quarters of the diet and nutrition industry. "The study is flawed for several reasons," stated Bertha Klondike, speaking for the Foundation of Laypersons Against Bias, "Other studies show that attention should be focused on carbs or calories or something. This scatter-gun approach is just not viable."

The author of the study -- graduate student Claudia Penrose -- is herself overweight. However she says, "I have lost weight already using this plan. I was skeptical at first, but the results are what they are." She said the idea for the diet struck her when she was on a date. "I was complaining to my boyfriend about my weight. He suggested I should eat less. Naturally, I dumped him. But the idea stuck in my head. Finally, I gave it a try."

The study involved 150 people that were between 15 and 20 percent over their ideal body weight. They were asked to let their life partners tell them what an appropriate amount of food and exercise was, then stick to it. The partners were interviewed as well, to monitor compliance. At the end of the six month study, half were down to their ideal weight and half had cut their overage by a third. "Sadly, there were some breakups among the partners," noted Penrose.

"The numbers are all well and good, of course," countered Klondike, "but where is Miss Penrose going to be when these people are hit with cravings? Where's the cravings management? Where's the hunger-control?"

"We're calling it 'self-control'," responded Penrose, wryly.
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