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U.S. Offers $10 Bounty On Anthony Bumkowiqcz
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WASHINGTON - The State Department has upped the bounty for information leading to the arrest of Anthony Bumkowiqcz from $5 to $10 in an effort to bolster interest in the case. The funds come from the "Rewards for Justice" program.

"Mr. Bumkowiqcz has been on our radar for some time. In 1985, he and an unknown associate took two USA Today newspapers from a vending machine after having only paid for one. The security camera caught him clearly, but his associate was only visible from the back. We hope to be able to get them both, and have one turn on the other. It's a strong case, but we need Mr. Bumkowiqcz in custody," said Agent Adrian Taisey.

Theft from newspaper stands such as the one burgled by Bumkowiqcz costs the newspaper industry $11,000 a year, according to "Hold The Presses", an industry trade journal. "It's a negligible amount, really," said Hold The Presses editor Arlene Blecker, "but it's still a crime. Ten bucks seems about right."

Said Taisey, "He isn't known to be armed, but these sorts of things escalate. If he was stealing papers in 1985, he may well be stealing CD's now. He may even be downloading copyrighted music. There is definitely potential for danger. Citizens should not approach him."

"Is this really where we want our enforcement efforts directed?" asked Tom Weaver, a newspaper buyer. "If they're that desperate for work, my house needs painted."
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