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China Attempts To Sell Taiwan On eBay
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BEIJING, CHINA - In a move that stunned residents of the so-called "renegade province", Beijing has placed Taiwan on the eBay auction block. It is not listed as real estate, but under the category "Discount: Damaged Goods", clearly meant to indicate the mainland's view of recent political activity on the island.

"We are not being amusing," said China's Vice President Hu Jintao, "Taiwan has been a source of difficulty for us and we no longer have the desire to be drug along by them. We wish to cut our losses, and consider the matter concluded."

Observers have a different view. "This is just a tactic. It's a way for Beijing to slap the hands of Taipei. They aren't going to go through with it. Who would buy it anyway?" said Philip Leela, political commentator for the Washington Tribune. Another point was made by Arthur Lingwert, of the Society For Reunification, "China has said all along that they won't give up, won't give up. Now they're selling Taiwan on the open market? They aren't fooling anybody."

Perhaps not. But Taiwan has apparently decided to take their offer at face value. There are currently two bids for the island, one from ChenShuiBian, for $25. The current high bid is $50 held by BillyG-MS. There are 4 days left in the auction.

Though the auction represents a legal contract, legal experts acknowledge that a sovereign state would not be bound to keep such a contract.
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