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FOX Introduces Kindergarten Go Fish Showdown
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NEW YORK, NY - In an apparent game of catch-up with Bravo and NBC, FOX is poised to launch its own televised card game. Trying to appeal to a younger demographic, FOX settled on the Go Fish game, rather than the currently popular Poker. Hosted by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and featuring kindergarten-age players, it will run in the 7:00 pm slot, replacing an episode of King Of The Hill.

"Working with the kids is fun," said Mary-Kate, "They're all so smart and so eager to win. Their parents seem very driven and it funnels through to them. It reminds me of when I was their age." Ashley agreed: "You can see that they really 'want it'. These kids know only one of them is going home a winner. They watch each other like hawks, and the cheaters-getting-caught scenes are some of the best."

The show utilizes the "Kids Card Shuffle with Go Fish" by Cardinal Industries to insure that the cards are thoroughly and fairly shuffled. "We don't want any questions later. Any 'coughers', ala Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, will be asked to leave. The show may be on the light side, but the game is very, very serious," said the show's producer, Lamont Fox. (Not related to the FOX network)

It is an elimination, winner-takes-all series running through 10 episodes. The winner will receive a college scholarship package worth $55,000 and a $50 allowance every week until they turn 18.
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