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ORK FROM HOME Program Investigated
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COLUMBUS, OH - Consumers throughout Central Ohio have complained to the Better Business Bureau and federal agencies, charging fraud and deceit by Minneapolis-based ORK FROM HOME. The company charges $29 for a startup kit, claiming the income from the home-based business can exceed $100,000 a year. Consumers only realize after they pay for and receive the kit that it entails collecting parts from the bodies of beached, dead Orcas.

"The very idea is of course, repellant," said Attorney General for Ohio Marlin Byloadmin, "but the legal issue arises from the deceit." The ORK FROM HOME signs are designed to look as if they originally said, WORK FROM HOME, with the "W" broken off the upper-left corner of each sign. Byloadmin continued, "Honest, sincere, perhaps na´ve, but hard-working Ohioans are being bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars believing that they are getting a chance to earn a living while staying home with their families. Even if there was gold to be mined in the dead bodies of dolphins, what Ohio resident can do anything with them from his landlocked home? Toss one in the SUV, drive it home, and chop it up in his garage on the weekends?"

"That's one option, sure," said Peter Caffrey, owner of ORK FROM HOME, "or they could change their home. I mean, our signs don't say they can work from the home they have now. It does after all say that they would be processing whale bodies -- or Ork'ing, as we call it -- and they would reasonably want to live close to a source of the animals."

"It's a puzzle. Class-action is not likely since the damages are only $30 a pop. No one would go through the pain of the trial, and the legal expenses would eat up any punitive damages levied. It's quite a scam, I think he'll get away with it," said Attorney Kirk Aminear, "I wouldn't touch the case."

Whether the legal issue is settled soon or not, the proliferation of "ORK FROM HOME" signs is not likely to abate any time soon. Caffrey sells the signs to homeless people for $1 a piece. "What they do with them after I sell them is their business," he said. What they do is post them all over Columbus and other cities Caffrey targets, then come back for more. Said one homeless man, "We don't ever throw 'em down. One feller did that and he didn't never get no more signs from Ol' Pete."
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