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Saddam Signs Book Deal: "Hiding In Iraq On $500,000 A Day"
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BEIRUT, LEBANON - Leading Arab publisher Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin announced only hours after Saddam's capture that they had secured Saddam's signature, agreeing to detail his days on the run in a book tentatively titled "Hiding In Iraq On $500,000 A Day". "He's quite articulate," said Jinan Kirwi, his attorney who is handling the book deal, "it will definitely be a good read."

Saddam has been on the run since April when coalition forces stormed Baghdad and overthrew his regime. He has reportedly spent over $140 million dollars -- mostly bribes and favors -- to keep his location a secret. The original working title for the book was "Har, Har! Catch Me If You Can", but in the words of the publisher's representative, Anwar Malayin, "The new title seems more appropriate given recent events."

Generally prisoners are not entitled to receive profits from books or movies based on their crimes. The profits from the book will first cover Saddam's legal defense expenses at the war crimes trials he will face. Any remainder will be handed over to the Iraqi government as reparations.

"Assuming we can get regular access to my client," Kirwi said, "we can probably get the book completed and published by April. Worst case, we'd be looking at maybe late summer."

The book may not go over with consumers. Previous dictators' books have not been widely accepted. Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is the exception, having sold millions of copies. Slobodan Milosevic's recent memoir, "Who Wants To Be A Megalomaniac?" sold dismally worldwide, not even selling out the first run of 5,000 copies. North Korean President Kim Jong Il has reportedly been shopping his story, "Let Them Eat Tteok", to various publishers for months with no success.

"We've got a compelling story that already has worldwide attention," said Malayin, "This book will leap onto best seller lists with shock and awe!"
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