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Bling-Bling Futures Trading Market Set To Open February 2004
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WALL STREET - Former Rapper BZBee, through his recording company Rock Solid Noize, has established a futures market for trading in bling-bling. "You got yo stuff, and it's worth nuthin'. Then one day people start hearin' yo noize and they like. So then yo stuff is all through the roof. So why not bet on dat?" said BZBee, his gold teeth glimmering. When asked if his own chains and medallions would be on the market, he replied, "Nah, nah, man, this is a young man's game. I'm thirty-two, man, I've had my run."

"Mr. Bee apparently doesn't understand the futures market," said market analyst J. Anthony Bell, "it's not about 'bettin', it's about spreading your risk over several periods of time. You aren't looking for a 'big win', you're looking to avoid a big loss, especially in one period. What he proposes is not a market, it's a game. A gambling game, and I would be surprised to even find that it's legal."

"It would be legal," responded Joshua Krongold, staff reporter for, "but it would be hard to actually implement. If I understand it, you would take out a contract for the market value of a particular chain or medallion or whatever, with the hope that the artist would become a star and his 'blings' would become valuable. The artist would meanwhile enjoy the security deposits given toward the current value while he tried to make a name for himself. This falls down in several areas. How would you get a real market value on the materials without trying to sell them? What motivation would the artist have to become a star if he already has an income from the jewelry?"

"Man, it's not about the bling-bling. Art, it's all art. Nobody raps for presidents, your soul raps and you just let it out," said BZBee, "Rappers reach for the stars to get their message out, not to pump up the bottom-line."

We talked to several young rappers on the street, asking them if they would be interested in such a market. "So, would I get to keep my stuff?" asked one teen calling himself Mr. Doctor, "'Cause I earned these, and I ain't droppin' 'em on nobody over no market." He shook three gold-plated chains hanging across his chest, one weighted with what appeared to be a Mercedes hood ornament. "I'd do it," said another going by the name Abe Linken, "Get enough to buy a DVD burner, cut up a video, and I would be a star!"

"It's gonna fly," said BZBee, "don't sweat a thing. It's got wings, Baby. It's gone."
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