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Lieberman Slams Dean Over Iowa Snow Storm
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DES MOINES, Iowa - Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman publicly denounced the snow storm that pummeled Iowa Monday, leaving ten inches of snow in its wake. "The strong and determined business men and women of the great state of Iowa deserve better than to have their customers kept away by such meteorological attacks," said Lieberman, "And under a Howard Dean presidency, you can bet there will be more snow storms like it!"

"Senator Lieberman and I don't see eye to eye, there's no question about that," replied Dean, "but I didn't blame him for the solar flares a few months ago, or the recent earthquakes. Why has he decided to blame me for the weather?" He quipped, "My connections don't go nearly as high as the Senator apparently believes."

According to the data sheets released after Lieberman's speech, "Dean's weak-on-environment positions while governor of Vermont contributed to an imbalance in the climate. Among other catastrophes, this worst-ever blizzard is the result."

Meteorologists say that this is by no means the "worst-ever blizzard" Iowa has experienced. "Why, this is a little fluff," said one man, shoveling his sidewalk, "I wouldn't even shovel it if the kids didn't walk past here to school. Ten inches is just to get our attention. When they measure it in feet, that's when I'll get interested." And there is no agreement on whether or not Dean's policies contributed to any climate change. The Dean campaign responded with a press release stating, "The governor oversaw the preservation of over a million acres of farmland, shorefront, and forests. He closed landfills. He fought mercury pollution. He was not and is not 'weak-on-environment'."

"Joe's playing dirty," said Al Gore, Lieberman's former running mate, "It saddens me to say it. I believe he's on an irreversible trend toward mud-slinging. But that could change."
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