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Clark Reveals Controversial "First Families Tax Reform" Plan
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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire - Democratic presidential hopeful Wesley Clark, in an ill-fated bid to propel himself into the frontrunner spot, released his "First Families Tax Reform" tax proposal. Under the plan, U.S. presidents, former presidents, and their families would be exempt from paying income taxes. "It only makes sense," said a Clark spokesman, "Tax money pays their salaries and stipends, it just creates a merry-go-round of red tape to have them send the money back as taxes."

"That's ludicrous. It's insanity. And it's political suicide," said political commentator Kent Moore. It would appear Moore is right. Since the release of the plan, Clark's already flagging poll numbers have dropped dramatically. "His plan for tax reform is to become president, and then make that job and anyone who ever held it tax-free? I don't think so," stated Louise Drecker, school teacher and mother of two.

"I support the general and his policies," said Rep. Randy Hinshaw, "but I can't get behind this tax policy. After all, we're all paid from tax dollars. If it applied to all public servants, thus reducing the red tape paper mill all the way around, maybe I could support that. Yes, I'm sure I could."

"People just don't understand," lamented Clark, "They don't know what it's like to go on a job interview that lasts over a year, for a job that has several potential candidates, and that doesn't pay that well. I think anyone that ultimately gets that job deserves a reward for doing it. That's just the way I feel."
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