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Next Cat In The Hat Movie To Be Rated R
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HOLLYWOOD - Mike Myers is reportedly in talks with Bo Welch, the director of the current Cat in the Hat movie, to develop the sequel, "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back." Building on the foundation laid by the current film, Myers says, "I think we can pull down an 'R' this time. I mean, why not? Parents took their kids to see this one. There were even toys!"

Parents' groups were outraged at the idea. "It was bad enough that a movie based on a pre-school book had to be given a PG rating. Now he's going to make a children's movie that merits an 'R'? What's next, sour apple beer? Sponge Bob cigarettes?" responded Michelle van Fossett, founder of Parents Against Inappropriate Media. "At Parents-AIM, we have decided to boycott all of Mike Myers movies and associated products until he agrees to keep offensive content out of children's movies."

"So they're going to hold their breath until they turn blue, eh?" replied Myers, "Well, they probably weren't going to run out and get the Wayne's World Collector's DVD boxed set anyway, so it's no great loss. Look, you know who I am and what I do. If you have a watermelon allergy, don't go to a Gallagher show. If you don't like a little tweaking, don't watch me."

"What Mr. Myers fails to understand is that children want to see children's movies," says child psychologist Bart Thierland, "and when a children's movie isn't a movie appropriate for children, it creates confusion. Some parents choose not to allow their children to see it, causing the child to be unhappy. Others go to the movie and are uncomfortable with the content. It's a no-win situation."

"The Cat pulled down $100 million at the box office," pointed out Randy Clemson, of E! Online, "I wouldn't say it was no-win."
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