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Pentagon Defends Internet Voting
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WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is calling "overblown" security fears about their controversial new Internet voting system. The system, dubbed Home Accessible Connection for Internet Ballot Launching (HACIBL), is a partnership between the Pentagon and Amazon has allowed use of its 1-Click™ system to log votes. In addition, users will receive 10% off of any purchase made during the voting session.

"This throws the doors of fraud wide open," said David Jefferson of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "Not only is the system open to all the normal security issues facing transactions on the Internet, but it also makes the selling and trading of votes virtually undetectable. With this system, unscrupulous persons could easily buy the votes of thousands of citizens. Rather than spending money on campaigns, they could funnel that money into bribes."

Defense Department spokesman Glenn Flood agrees that security and integrity is important, "but it is not the only issue. You have to consider cost, ease of use, compliance with standards. Sure, a few votes might get bought, or stolen, or lost. But what's a few votes? It's not like it really matters. Did you notice the 10% discount?"

"That's not a bad deal, actually," said Serena Oxier, a newly-married woman, "I'm not registered to vote. Unless it's something automatic, but I mean, I've never done anything about it. But if I can get a DVD out of it, I might. Does it matter who I vote for?" Oxier was noticeably upset when told the program was only available to members of the military and their families. "That's not fair, they get all the good stuff," she said.

The Pentagon hopes to have the program available by the November election.
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