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O'Neil, Powell, Kay: "Saddam's Just Misunderstood"
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CHICAGO, Illinois - Former weapons inspector David Kay was on hand at Borders Books in Chicago Sunday to sign copies of the latest book by Paul O'Neil, Colin Powell, and himself entitled, "Truth, Trust, and Troops: The Story Behind The Story Behind Saddam". Powell and O'Neil were appearing at other locations to mark the release of the book.

"Saddam's not evil, really, just misunderstood. We know, and we want the world to know," Kay told the Associated Press. The book details conversations the three men have had with the former dictator and members of his inner circle, showing what they say is the "real" Saddam Hussein. "He is actually quite a nice guy," said Powell, "He's funny, but honestly, not too bright. We tend to play him up as crafty, intelligent, cunning. But he's just sort of an oaf. A likeable oaf."

The book doesn't spare any punches on the issue of weapons of mass destruction. "Did he have weapons?" the book asks. "Unquestionably. But they weren't everything they've been played up to be. Saddam's own scientists, in fear for their lives over their lack of progress, often lied to him about their accomplishments. One document circulated among the intelligence community spoke of Corbomite, Tachyon Pulse Rays, and Disruptor Beams, all lifted directly from Star Trek. But he never questioned good news."

The recent undercutting of the Bush administration's policy toward Iraq perpetrated from within have begun to take their toll on the president. At a Monday press conference President Bush replied to questions about the book, "My people are people. They have their own views and opinions and I encourage them to express them. They live in a free country, one where they have no fear of being taken in the middle of the night and shipped off to the moon or mars for making their views known publicly. And if that were to happen to any of them," he added, ominously, "well, that would just be a coincidence, wouldn't it?"
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