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Shock, Awe, At Lack Of "Shock And Awe" References
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KANSAS CITY, Missouri - For a few heady months, it seemed one need only listen to any broadcast for a moment to hear the phrase, "shock and awe". The Pentagon first coined the phrase in the days prior to the Gulf War, but it quickly became a catch-phrase around the water cooler, in advertising, on late night television, everywhere.

So, what happened?

"You're right, you don't hear it much any more," said one K-Mart shopper, "I guess it wore out its welcome." Another passer-by added, "Wasn't there a 'frock-n-awe' display planned for a Gay Mardi Gras? Does that count?"

Clearly, a public yearning to hear a beloved phrase. Will a democratic hopeful work it into a campaign speech? Will the Commander-In-Chief recite it from the deck of a battleship? Or will an advertiser breach this unannounced moratorium and tell us of the shock and awe our shining white teeth will deliver with their product?

May it be soon.
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