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Comcast Proposes To Buy Walt Disney
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NEW YORK, NY - Reminding observers of Michael Jackson's attempt to purchase the remains of the famed "Elephant Man", cable TV giant Comcast Corp. has raised the ire of the Disney family and the management of Walt Disney Co. with its unsolicited offer to purchase the body of former cartoonist and company namesake Walt Disney. "We mean no disrespect," said Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, "We have simply inquired about the possibility of a purchase. If there is no interest in a sale, the offer is withdrawn."

"It is unusual, but it's not illegal," said legal expert Karen Parker, "You can't buy a liver or a kidney for transplant, but once a person is deceased their remains become part of their estate and can in theory be sold."

"It is a preposterous offer," said Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, "It is simply not done! Why would they do something like this? Besides, it is utterly impossible. Despite rumors and such, my uncle was cremated in keeping with his stated desire, and buried like anyone else. There is no body to purchase, were we such animals as to entertain the idea in the first place."

"Really? I thought he was kept frozen somewhere or something," said a surprised Roberts, "Well, deal's off then, I suppose."
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