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Microsoft Releases "Sinbol" Font
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REDMOND, Washington - In response to recent controversy over the discovery of a swastika in another font released with Microsoft's Windows operating system, the Redmond-based software company has brought together all the offensive images removed from previous fonts into one font available as a separate download. To coincide with the "Symbol" font, this polemical font has been dubbed "Sinbol".

"It could be misconstrued as insensitive," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, "but we look at it as providing for our user base. Our Jewish users were offended by our providing a swastika in a font for their use, and we responded to that by removing the symbol and re-releasing the font. But we have other users that were now left scrambling to find a swastika for use in their idiotic, hate-filled newsletters. This font fills that need."

In addition to seven different variants of the swastika (some predating the Nazi era), Sinbol provides:

  • Twenty-one different skulls
  • Eleven inverted crosses
  • Three Baphomets
  • A variety of pentagrams, goatheads, and black roses
"This is an affront to everything sensible and reasonable," said Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, "It is a monumental mistake for a company that arguably controls the desktop publishing market to provide the tools for hate groups to disseminate their filth. It is a mistake that will certainly be met with ugly and costly litigation."

"I like it. I love it! I've got some swazi's I've drawn up myself, but puttin' them in the newsletter was a pain," said white supremacist Marcus Hale, editor of "Why People Like Me Are Better Than People Like You". "I don't have much use for that Bappo thing, whatever that is. But this other stuff is just great."

The font is available for download at Microsoft's web site.
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