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Bush Offers To Help Fund Nader Campaign
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CRAWFORD, Texas - Speaking from his ranch in Crawford, Texas, President Bush Friday said he would be willing to help fund Ralph Nader's campaign. "It is one of the truest symbols of America, the independent American running for the presidency," He said, "Like Al Sharpton, I'm sure he doesn't run to win. But he'll bring attention to his issues, unite his supporters, and have fun doing it! In a heart beat I can rally thousands of Republicans to provide him with the dollars he needs to get launched." He went on to offer private planning sessions at the ranch and rides on Air Force One.

"It is very altruistic," said Kerry campaign representative, Mark Kornblau, "but I doubt charity is all that is motivating it." Analysts agree that if Nader runs, it will make electing a democratic president very difficult. "Typically, a Nader supporter is a politically active individual who believes in the power of his vote," said political analyst Dr. Harold Clarke, "If Nader runs, this person feels a responsibility to vote for him. If he doesn't, then that same person would almost surely vote democratic."

Nader has not publicly commented on the President's offer, though sources close to him say that he considers the offer to be an honest one. "He really believes Bush just wants to help," said a pizza delivery man with whom Nader has had many in-depth conversations, "I think he's a little flaky, frankly. Good tipper, though."

Nader is expected to make known his intentions Sunday on Meet The Press.
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