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Howard Stern Retaliates: Refuses To Watch Clear Channel Stations
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NEW YORK, New York - In response to Clear Channel's refusal to air his bawdy talk-show, Howard Stern has announced that he will no longer be watching television stations owned by the company. "In fact," he told his viewers, "I'm not even going to look at their [censored] billboards. You know the ones I mean. Billboards? These guys are a [censored] broadcast company and they own [censored] billboards. [Censored]! [Censored] [censored] [censored]!"

"Mr. Stern knew the rules. He violated them. He cost this company hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Before he could cause any more damage, we pulled the plug on him. It's not censorship, it's business," said Clear Channel CEO John Hogan. "We regret his decision to stop watching our stations, but he's not exactly in that plum 18-24 market, is he? What is he, 65? I doubt he's even got a Nielsen box."

"It's not like it's a big secret," said comedian George Carlin, "I did a bit on it a few years ago. There are words you can't say on television, it's as easy as that. Don't say [censored] and you're in like Flynn. But if you say [censored], [censored], or -- even I don't like this one -- [censored], then you're out."

Infinity Broadcasting, the syndication company representing Stern's show, did not return calls for comment.
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