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North Korea Promises: "We Really Mean It This Time"
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BEIJING, China - North Korea has offered to halt its nuclear activities in exchange for energy assistance and security assurances, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jinchao. "Pyongyang made a point of saying how sincere they were being, that there was no intention on their part to go back on their word," said Jinchao. "You should see them, they are very believable."

"Why does the term 'deja vu' come to mind?" said U.S. special envoy James Kelly. "Have we heard this before? Ah, yes, I remember now. It was North Korea! And they promised to discontinue nuclear activities in exchange forů energy assistance! Yes, that's what it was." Kelly, clearly moved to sarcasm, said acerbically, "Golly, though, I guess if they're pinkie-promising this time, then it's ok."

"People change," said Margaret Honnecker, a real-estate agent and mother of two, "Look at Libya. Look at Pakistan. Look at Afghanistan. I think if they are saying they want to rejoin the international community, then they should get their chance."

"We have turned the new leaf over," said North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan, "All the ways of the past are a memory to fade away. We welcome openness and trust. Mostly trust. Not, actually, so much openness. But trust we definitely welcome."
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