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Same Sects Marriages Come Under Fire
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MONTGOMERY, Alabama - "She is free to marry, only in the Lord" says the Bible in a letter to the first-century Corinthians. For centuries, Christians and others have largely married members of their own faith. But if the Alabama group Citizens Against Neutral Theological Marriage In Same Sects (CANT-MISS) gets their way, that will be a thing of the past. "It's time this country took a stand and demanded from its citizens the diversity that it claims to represent," said the group's organizer, Eldon Mirewood.

"Why are they sticking their nose into our marital decisions?" asked Maryann Hiatt, a twenty-two year old bachelorette, and a Baptist. "I would probably look for a husband from my church. I might not. But it should be my decision, either way."

"People are so hung up on this 'personal choice' kick. You can't choose which side of the road to drive on," reasoned Mirewood, "You can't choose to set up a brothel. The government has the right to restrict choice when it's in the public interest to do so." When asked how his proposed measure would affect atheists, agnostics, and people in non-denominational faiths, Mirewood replied, "Oh, they can marry whomever they want. Who cares about people like that, anyway?"

CANT-MISS has little chance of getting their issue on the ballot, however. Their petition drive has netted only 17 signatures in three months of campaigning, far short of the six million signatures necessary for a statewide referendum.
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