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Science Teacher Discovers Stupid Question
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GEORGETOWN, Ohio - There is a saying, "The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked." But for Georgetown High School's Edwin Kelley, Tuesday brought an end to his belief in that maxim. "I always praised my students for asking questions," said Kelley, "I encouraged them. Maybe I pushed too hard. I really didn't think stupid questions existed. I was wrong."

Sophomore John Gamboni, who during an experiment meant to test the effects of leverage using a yardstick and various weights, broke the myth when he asked, "How long is that yardstick?" "The other students fell silent and stared at John," recalled Kelley, "Then one finally started laughing. Then the whole room erupted. I remember clearly the confusion on John's face, he really didn't understand what he'd asked." GHS refused to release Gamboni's records, but other students confirm he's a bright young man. "He's the go-to guy for help with math, science, computers, everything," said classmate Amy Reed, "He must have just been off that day."

"He used to run around with three other guys pretending they were the A-Team. He was 'Murdock', if that tells you anything," said another classmate who preferred not to give his name.

"Others will need to duplicate my results, of course," said Kelley, "But as for me? There's no question at all. I've heard a stupid question."
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