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Sales Rush Expected After Passage Of Ohio's Concealed Sherry Law
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CLEVELAND, Ohio - Ohio liquor retailers are looking forward to a boost in business now that Ohio's Concealed Sherry law has been passed. "It was already happening, everyone knew someone that had a flask," said Ahmed Jinka, manager of an Ohio state liquor agency, "Now that it is at last legal, there will be many more people coming out of the woodwork, to get their bottle."

"I voted against this legislation," admitted State Representative Timothy DeGeeter, "Because I didn't think it served the public's interest. There are legitimate times and places for alcohol consumption, so there should be no need to hide it. Moreover, I have to say," he added, "Sherry is some nasty stuff. If the bill supported any legal beverage, I might have been able to get behind it. But anybody secretly knocking back sherry isn't doing it for its great taste."

"I happen to like sherry," responded Representative Steven Driehaus, "It's got a strong flavor, that's true, but it's a comfortable one. At least I know not to invite Tim over for a drink after 8." Driehaus however decided not to support the bill. "I can't see how it can be a good idea," he explained, "We're empowering people to walk around in public slowly drinking themselves into a state of mind where they are unlikely to make good decisions." After a moment of thought, he added, "I wonder how many of my colleagues were 'carrying' the day we passed this bill?'

In order to qualify under the Concealed Sherry law, an individual must not have been convicted of drunk driving in the past six months, must buy an approved flask from a licensed state liquor agency, and must fill it only with sweet sherry. (Dry sherry should be served chilled, and is therefore unable to be carried on one's person.)
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