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Kindergarten Class-Action Suit Brought Against Merriam-Webster
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SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts - Why is there a silent 'g' in gnome? The same could be asked of the 'k' in knife, the 'u' in guard, or the 'c' in such words as rock, and truck. We may ask, but it's only out of curiosity. But for a group of kindergartners using Ohio's ECOT (Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow), it has become much more than that. Starting as a simple discussion in the site's forums, it has now become their "cause".

"It's ridiculous, and it shows great negligence on the part of Merriam-Webster and others that have shaped our language," said kindergartner Audrey Rothen, "We aren't doing this for the money, the one-hundred-and-fifty million dollars our suit seeks is to be put toward a complete overhaul of the English language. We don't want other preschoolers to face the same hurdles to literacy that we did."

While IQ tests for those under the age of 12 aren't considered valid, Rothen's unofficial IQ is estimated to be around 170. She is leading the legal fight, representing the group of 3,500 five and six-year-old's in court.

"It's our position that the public writes the dictionary," explained Merriam-Webster's counsel Gennedy Polofsky, "As evidence, look at the changing way the dictionary reports the meaning of the word 'gay'. When the public's view of that word changed, the dictionary changed to match it. If my learned opponent and her group has a case against anyone, it's the American public, past and present."

"Can you even imagine my embarrassment when I found out that all of my 'I love you, Mommy' notes were misspelled?" demanded Rothen, "L - U - V, it's obvious. And it's wrong. And someone should pay for that."

District Court Judge Brian Chricton will hear the case on July 27th. Rothen has vowed to appeal to the state Supreme Court if the judge rules against them.
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