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Congressman Carries Gun On Plane, Apologizes, Flies On
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LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - Rep. John Keim of Indiana was briefly detained Tuesday when a gun was found in his carry-on luggage. "Johnny's kind of a gun-nut," explained his press secretary, laughing, "He must've just forgotten he had it on him." Security personnel agreed that it was just a misunderstanding and allowed him to board. Said TSA spokesperson Courtney Laine, "We all had a good laugh over it. He promised not to shoot anybody!"

"I'm afraid I don't get you Americans," bemoaned Samantha Marson, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England, "I make a flip comment about carrying bombs and foop! I'm off to prison. But your own leaders can carry firearms in their cases and no one's got a care." Marson gained international attention when she jokingly warned a U.S. airline security inspector, "Be careful, I've got three bombs in there." She was released on bail and charges were eventually dropped.

"I admit, I've exercised better judgment," said Keim, "But I was on my way to a very important meeting and didn't actually have time to be detained. The security people were very understanding."

When advised of the incident, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge quipped, "You think we should change the Security Level? You like 'Toast'? Or maybe 'Sienna'? Seriously, how big a deal do we want to make of this? He's a public official, a lawmaker. Do you honestly believe he's going to commit a crime?"

An airport official commented, "If we have to start denying access to planes based on the passengers carrying guns, well, we're not going to have too many people taking off here in Kentucky, I tell you what."
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