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Kerry Camp Concerned Over "Curse Of Gore"
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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Insiders in John Kerry's campaign admit the candidate is nervous about the so-called "Curse of Gore" that befalls all things touched politically by Al Gore. With Gore's recent announcement of his plan to make funds from his own failed presidential campaign available to Kerry, and a public statement resembling an endorsement for the Senator, the campaign is abuzz with concern. "I said, 'John, it's just money' and 'He didn't actually endorse you'," said one close advisor, "But he wouldn't hear it. 'It's gonna be Howard Dean all over again' he kept saying."

The campaign is wise to be concerned. Gore's own campaign failed, as did the campaign of his former running mate, Joseph Lieberman. Following Gore's endorsement of then-front-runner Howard Dean, his campaign also plummeted in popularity, resulting in Dean's eventual withdrawal from the race. Even Gore's famous Blackberry communication devices fared badly, with stock in 'Research In Motion' taking a near fatal dive during his campaign, only to recover shortly after his defeat by George W. Bush.

"This talk of a 'curse' is nonsense," responded Al Gore in a Nightline interview, "The opinion of a man in public life is always highly regarded. Dr. Dean is a fine man and would have made a fine President. I thought it then, and I said so, but it wasn't to be. John Kerry is also a fine man, and this country would do well with him at the helm."

"Stop saying that!" Kerry was heard to scream at the television, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

Whether "Stop it!" will become the next 'Dean Scream' remains to be seen.
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