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Royal Venusian Scout Craft Pursued By Primitive Earth Vehicles
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LINTILIONIHS, Venus - Video gel showing a wing of the Royal Venusian Fleet being pursued by a primitive Earth airborne vehicle has oozed into the public light and military officials are scrambling to spin the blame away from themselves. "Clearly, there was a breakdown in the invisibility shield," began Major Retinicles, of the 4th Fleet, "But this is not simply a mechanical failure. There is evidence that the scout craft actually allowed the Earth creatures to capture images of the pursuit. The wing commander, Lieutenant Glophulon, will be called to answer for his failure."

"Earth atmosphere is a toxic mix of oxygen, nitrogen, and other trace gasses."
-- retired RVF Major Ooouort
"I don't see how the pilots, or even the wing commander, can be seen as responsible here," explained retired RVF Major Ooouort, "When you're flying without your i-shield, your speed in-atmosphere is compromised. Moreover, the Earth atmosphere is a toxic mix of oxygen, nitrogen, and other trace gasses and particulates. The scout ships employing the Beezing-4 engines would have had a hard enough time operating with a working i-shield."

Exactly what evidence the RVF has of the captured images is considered classified, and Heptagon officials say there are no plans to release it. "This is an internal military matter and it will be handled internally," stated one official bluntly.

The names of the pilots have not been released, but one civilian contractor close to the RVF said they are with the 1,208th Scout Wing, based in Lonn Krghh. The 1,208th often makes scouting runs to the Earth to confirm the planet's inhabitants still haven't mastered cold fusion. "If they ever pluck that particular gunklimp," said physicist Krilg Muhftinj, "We are likely going to have to go into hiding much like our Martian friends."
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