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"Rest in Peat" - Sympathy Cards for Plants to Revive Gibson Greetings
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SAN JOSE, California - Languishing in obscurity as a subsidiary of broad-based American Greetings since the buyout in 2000, Gibson Greetings has now been given the green light to charge back onto the scene. "We were purchased for our name alone," explained Head of Development Charles Timiten, "It's taken me almost five years to convince them we knew how to design product, too." Under Timiten's guidance, Gibson's has emerged as the #1 seller of plant-oriented sympathy cards. "It's an untouched market. You've heard of low-hanging fruit? This stuff is on the ground, and it hops in your basket when you walk by!" said Timiten excitedly.

"I actually know a fruitcake that would send me one of these."
-- Shopper, when shown a plant sympathy card
"Let's not make too much of this," said American Greetings Vice-President Aimee Underhill, "Chuck's people have worked hard to get this line in production and get it marketed and that's just great. But remember that sympathy cards as a group represent only 8% of the total card industry. And what percent of that do you imagine is dedicated to comforting those experiencing horticultural loss?"

"Aimee isn't a plant person," said Timiten perfunctorily, "She simply doesn't understand. We never claimed we were setting up to put a card next to every empty pot in America. But if your friend or loved one has recently seen the passing of a prized petunia, or agonized over the loss of an African Violet, then we have the card to salve that wound."

Bearing phrases such as 'Rest in Peat', 'On a Better Windowsill Now', and 'Its Work here was Complete', the cards are as darkly comical as they are comforting. "I actually know a fruitcake that would send me one of these," said one woman when shown the cards, "She's always got a card for you to sign for somebody in accounting you've never heard of. Loss of a pet, loss of a job, melting of a rented DVD in a car dash. Plant cards? Sure, why not?"

Gibson is convinced they are on solid footing. "Who knows, in five more years, we may split back off and buy American!" stated Timiten exuberantly. Marketing plans show the cards being pushed in the West through 2004 and spreading East through 2005.
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