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Construction Worker Finds Sensitivity Training Ineffective
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BOSTON, Massachusetts - John "Hot Rod" McCoy has no apologies to offer. "I see a babe, I let her know she's a babe, what's the harm in that?" he asks with a smirk. His employer, Prescott Glazing and Weatherproofing, has a one-word answer -- "plenty". "He's outta control," said his supervisor, "He's a world-class glazier, I wouldn't want to take on one of our specialty jobs without him. But why can't he keep his ignorant, stereotypical, politically incorrect mouth shut?"

"It's embarrassing, that's what it is."
-- Ben Frier, glazier
His coworkers agree. "It's embarrassing, that's what it is," said fellow glazier Ben Frier, "An attractive woman will happen by the worksite -- or worse, an ugly one -- and he'll just open up. 'Hey Darlin', you busy tonight?', 'Hey Babe, I lost my phone number, can I have yours?', or even 'Hey we got leash laws in this town! Shouldn't you be on one?' I'd rather go on a job that pays less where I didn't have to work with him."

Prescott's forced McCoy to attend a week of sensitivity training. "It didn't take," lamented a Prescott dispatcher, "He still calls me Sweet Cheeks every time he sees me." "I don't need no Hah-vud trained monkey tellin' me how to handle the ladies," explained McCoy, "I just turn on the Hot Rod charm and they melt."

"The stereotype of the boorish construction worker is simply not representative of our community," said Laura Winton, head of the Glazier's Local #249, "Especially among the highly skilled persons in glass work. This 'Hot Rod' is a blight, and now that you've called him to my attention, I'll see what rules we have that can be brought against him."

"Laura, eh?" drawled McCoy, "Sounds cute. I look forward to meeting her."
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