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Critics Find "Day After Tomorrow" Unscientific, But "Spiderman 2" Rocks
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HOLLYWOOD, California - There seems to be no shortage of physics teachers, meteorologists, and die-hard storm chasers that enjoy pointing out the "fantasy facts" presented in the end-of-the-world thriller, "The Day After Tomorrow". "It's not that isn't a good movie, that is to say, I haven't actually seen the film as such, but from what I've read the science is quite off-base," said comic book salesman and amateur storm chaser Jay Hanselman, "I mean, a tsunami hitting New York Harbor? Come on, give me something I can believe in here." Interestingly, though, when asked about "Spiderman 2", Hanselman responded, "Dude, it totally rocked."

"These encyclopedia-thumping purists can collectively jump in the lake."
-- Roland Emmerich, Director
"When people sit down to watch a fantasy film -- Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars -- they only want the movie to be accurate against the rules in the fantasy world. Lightsabers can be swung fast enough to deflect other light weapons. Not in our universe; but in the Lucasian universe, it's a fact of life," explained psychologist Gary Coleman (no relation to the actor of the same name), "Movies like 'Day After Tomorrow' are shackled to the rules in our own world, or should be, and any violation of those rules will no more be accepted than if Spiderman were to start flying, or Gollum were to pop off to the beach to work on his tan."

"Frankly, all of these encyclopedia-thumping purists can collectively jump in the lake," said the movie's director Roland Emmerich, "I wasn't trying to film a great documentary on the physics of meteorology, I was trying to make a great cinematic experience. The many, many people I've talked to tell me that's just what I've done. I didn't hear such a huge cry when 'The Day After' came out. Remember that one, the guy stumbling around after a nuclear blast, grabbing fistfuls of Hershey bars? That guy shoulda been glowing like a torch, where were these propeller-head critics then?"

Not withstanding the critics and the director's jibes, the movie does seem to ring with casual viewers. "I went because my husband wanted to go," explained one woman, "I had heard it was sort of silly, and I just didn't want to waste my time. But I went, and I admit I quite enjoyed it. It wasn't the Weather Channel, but it wasn't The Land Before Time, either." One man commented, "Hey, I've seen bad films. I've seen 'Capricorn One'. I've even seen 'Marooned', probably the only bad movie Hackman's ever made. But this wasn't bad at all. I'd see it again, I might even buy the DVD."

Summing up, it seems for the 1% or less of the public that care about such things, the science of Day After Tomorrow will be a turn off. But for the rest of us that can stomach spider bites that grant super powers and rings that can't be destroyed, this movie is as tolerable as any other celluloid tripe available. Rated PG-13 for a regularly appearing, extremely ugly man.
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