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Krispy Kreme Founder Admitted, "I Never Could Spell"
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WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Recently discovered documents dating back to the founding of the Krispy Kreme doughnut franchise reveal startling and personal details about company founder Vernon Rudolph. "At the museum's request, we sent all relevant historical documentation to the Smithsonian back in '97," said CEO Scott Livengood, "We had no idea these other documents were buried down there." He referred to the cellar beneath the original offices of Krispy Kreme, where Rudolph kept cream, milk and other dairy products. After refrigeration rendered the area unnecessary, it was used for storage. "As you can imagine, much of what was there has been lost to mildew and decay," Livengood explained, "But a true treasure, Mr. Rudolph's personal log, survived. We intend to have it published and made available in all our stores."

"A proper do-nut should be slitely krispy on the outside."
-- Krispy Kreme Founder Vernon Rudolph
Among the revelations made in the pages of Rudolph's journal is that the spelling of the store name was a simple error. "A proper do-nut should be slitely krispy on the outside," he wrote, "While maintaining a kremey teksture inside." The entire document reveals a man who knew doughnuts, but not English. "Mr. Rudolph did not attend college, and never tried to pass himself off as an intellectual," said Livengood, himself a graduate of Harvard Business School, "He was simply a man that knew a good idea when he saw it. He liked yeast doughnuts, assumed most people would, and so he built an empire from them. If in the process he never quite learned the Queen's English, well, I for one wouldn't fault him for it."

"Of course he knew it was a spelling error, how else do you explain the alliteration?" asked Howard Rudolph, great-grandson of Vernon Rudolph. Howard Rudolph is leading a cadre of family members attempting to re-privatize and take back Krispy Kreme. "I think it's a striking coincidence that now, when we are about to launch an all out campaign to unseat Mr. Livengood, now is when they happen to unearth this diary. I suspect that examination of the diary may prove that it is in fact a forgery."

While refusing to allow independent examination of the original diary, Livengood stands behind his company's assertion that it is the original work of Vernon Rudolph. "To suggest otherwise is simply preposterous," he said, becoming visibly upset, "Who else would've written it? It certainly says right on the cover, 'Vincent Rudolph's Personal Log' and contains many references to things he likely would've done. I think the case is clear."

The diary is expected to go on sale in October for $11.95, and will include a special 'baker's dozen' of original Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
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