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Did you know? to File for Bankruptcy Protection
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DOVER, Delaware - "I can't believe it's really over." With those tearful words, founder Brandon "Zip" Marconi, closed the press conference announcing the immediate closing of the corporate office and the company's intention to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. "It's come as a shock to all of us," said Elizabeth Marconi, financial advisor to the company, "We all thought Brandon was doing quite well. And the kids all liked having their bikes 'tricked out' as they say."

Built on the model of, sought to become the north eastern United States primary source for connecting advertisers with bicycle owners, according to a company flyer found stapled to a telephone pole down the street from Marconi's residence. At no cost to the bike owner, Marconi outfitted the bike with signage advertising such products as Coca-Cola, Spree, and the Xbox, as well as various local bands. "I never saw a check from him," said one customer, "But I didn't care. He did a sweet job on the Xbox graphics, it looks great. If he was getting paid, I guess I shoulda been paid, too. We ride the same bus to school, but I still just never bugged him about it."

Brandon refused our requests for an interview. Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and the garage bands we spoke to all denied any connection to BikeWraps. "Zip's cool," said Spyke, drummer and promoter for Wasted Tyme, "He hangs out with us while we practice sometimes. He borrowed twenty bucks from me a few months back to get a domain name, maybe that's what he's filing about? No need, Man, he can keep it."
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