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Nader's "Anyone but Bush or Kerry" Campaign Gaining Popularity
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NEW YORK, New York - When Democratic primary voters were making John Kerry their choice to run for the White House, exit polls showed their biggest concern was finding a candidate to beat President Bush. But now, several weeks after his formal nomination, and several months after he became the party's front-runner, both Kerry and Bush have dedicated "anti" groups searching their personal and political histories for fodder. Emerging from this confluence of disenchantment is a rising interest in third party candidates.

"All anyone knows about Nader is that he isn't Bush and he isn't Kerry."
-- Thom Markins, Political Analyst
"It's a sad fact that people are much more concerned with things they know. People will happily swill soda full of carcinogenic sweeteners, while worrying about the effect the aluminum can might have on them. Why? Because Nightline or 60 Minutes warned them about aluminum, not aspartame," explained political analyst Thom Markins, "People know Bush as a draft-dodger, they know Kerry as a flip-flopper. All anyone knows about Nader is that he isn't Bush and he isn't Kerry."

That fact has not been lost on the Ralph Nader campaign. "We're an alternative, we've been saying that all along. This isn't a new strategy for us," defended Nader's uncle and campaign strategist Steve Cobble, "It just means that the American Sheeple are waking up to the need for a shake-up in the ways things are done. When Perot ran, they weren't ready. But they're ready now, and they'll tell you all about it on November 2nd." Despite Cobble's claims, the upsurge in undecided responses comes on the heels of Nader's new billboards saying, "Bush? Kerry? I couldn't be 'fraid-er! Just to be safe, I'm voting NADER!"
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