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NASA Launches Crippled Shuttle To Test Repair Kits
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CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - Astronauts on the first space shuttle flight since the Columbia tragedy will need to enlist at least one of three methods for patching holes in orbit in order to return safely, NASA engineers explained Tuesday. "Experience shows that people think and work at their best when under some pressure," said engineer Horace Widenour, "Recognizing that the ship cannot return unless they apply the correct kits in the correct manner will improve their on-the-ground training as well as their efforts on-orbit." There will be another two repair kits on hand in case their ship is further damaged by launch debris this spring.

On Thursday, the seven astronauts who will take off aboard Discovery as early as mid-May said they still were waiting to hear which repair techniques they would fly. "I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with the idea," admitted shuttle commander Eileen Collins, "But I have applied some of the patches myself on some mocked-up damage sites. They seem solid enough. Still, intentionally damaging the craft before launch just to run some tests... I don't know."

None of the five options could repair a hole as big as the one that crippled Columbia's left wing. A chunk of insulating foam from the external fuel tank caused that crevice. "Naturally we won't be putting that sort of hole in Discovery," explained Widenour, "But pinhead-sized holes aren't very worthy tests. We'll be inflicting something in between, probably about the size of a pickled pig's foot."

"Two of the repair kits will be demonstrated in Discovery's cargo bay", said NASA spokesman Kyle Herring, "One is geared toward fixing dings with what is essentially thick paint. The other -- nicknamed 'gummi-bear' -- involves a small caulking gun for fixing cracks in wing panels. Gummi will be getting the workout on this flight."

"It's a cute name," allowed Collins, cautiously, "But I still can't say I'm fully on board with the plan."
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