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Supreme Court Rules on Ten Commandments 'Kid Boiling' Prohibition
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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The question of whether the tenth of the Ten Commandments should be taught by churches in the U.S. will be addressed by the justices of the Supreme Court when they convene Thursday. At issue is the tenth commandment found in the Bible at Exodus 34:26 which reads, "You must not boil a kid in its mother's milk." While most lists of the commandments do not include it, "it's there and there's no denying it," said Moshe Fenkulke. Fenkulke started a drive to encourage his local churches to remind people of this "forgotten law", ending up in a legal battle that has now come before the highest court.

"How many folks boil goats at all?"
-- Rev. Paul Carnes, First Baptist Church
"If they're going to be displayed publicly, they ought to be complete," argued Fenkulke, "Who has the right to abbreviate the words of the Almighty?" Few, though, share his enthusiasm for changing from the commonly quoted text. "How many commandments does he want, anyway?" asked Rev. Paul Carnes, of The First Baptist Church of Wallkee, Tennesee, "Ten's been plenty for thousands of years. Why make a stink about it now? How many folks boil goats at all?"

"Mr. Fenulke may not be aware of the other 600 laws contained in the Hebrew law code," remarked Jewish scholar Brian Lafoote, "One wonders if he also buries his excrement outside the camp, as commanded in Deuteronomy 13."

"Certainly, many of the laws applied to an ancient people and only have application then," explained Fenulke's attorney, Martin Foldger, "My client is not trying to resurrect the practicing of stoning people that gather wood on Sundays or any such thing. The problem is one of clarity, completeness. He simply asks that if the commandments are to be displayed, that they be displayed in total."

A decision can be expected on the issue by the end of the month.
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