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"Idiots Drink Us, So Should You" Snapple Campaign Cancelled
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RYE BROOK, New York - Snapple, the obscure beverage subsidiary of London-based Cadbury Schweppes, submitted a press release Thursday saying it would be discontinuing its "Return the Flavor" ad campaign. "Preliminary focus groups gave us the impression that the ads had 'draw'," explained Steven Jarmon, Vice President, Marketing Resources, "But it appears it was more of a 'accident scene' curiosity, than an actual interest in drinking our products." The ads will continue to run through the end of March, due to contractual obligations.

"It was meant to be a feel good thing, with a little odd twist."
-- Ad Executive
The new ads focus on a particular fictitious Snapple drinker describing their favorite flavor, such as Diet Plum-A-Granate. Then the ad switches to an interview with the drinker's friends, who offer a reciprocal compliment to them. "It was meant to be a feel good thing, with a little odd twist," said one ad executive on condition of anonymity, "But the twist sort of got out of hand. Our 'star Snapple lover' turns out to be someone you wouldn't want to share things in common with, including drinking Snapple."

"Of course we're disappointed," explained Merv Loman, of Cliff Freeman & Partners, the ad agency responsible for the campaign, "But we've worked with Cadbury for some time and I'm sure we'll continue to do so. Steve and I discussed the results we were getting and agreed it was time to look in a new direction for Snapple." Jarmon agreed, "Not all campaigns have the desired effect once released into the wild, as it were. We usually focus our marketing efforts on the summer months anyway, we'll be back."

"We're seeing more and more of this sort of thing," said Carl Plummer, advertising consultant, "Ads that show someone acting silly or otherwise showing signs of being an idiot being used as spokespersons. It plays well to the company decision-makers, they laugh and think 'Hey, this is good stuff!', not realizing they are inadvertently suggesting that idiots choose their products. I think you'll see this die off, as other companies follow Snapple's example."

"They're always a little 'out there'," said one Coca-Cola executive, "So I wasn't overly surprised by the tenor of the ads. It's a shame they're pulling them, I was looking forward to seeing who the next Snappler was."
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