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Procrastinators Club Prepares to View Solar Eclipse
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MIAMI, Florida - Procrastinators International, the parent organization of the hundreds of Procrastinators United clubs around the U.S. began preparations this week to view the April solar eclipse. "We understand there might be rain clouds in some areas, so we're encouraging our members to purchase some protective eye-wear. Hopefully we'll get a link to where they can be purchased up on our web site soon, but that's Lenny's job so we're not expecting much," said event organizer Jerrold Rhimes, "I hope it isn't too late to protect our members." Information from NASA and other sources indicating that the eclipse already occurred on April 8th has not deterred this intrepid group. "We're used to coming into things 'fashionably late'," explained Rhimes, "We'll still manage to enjoy ourselves."

"I hope we don't miss the April one!"
-- Procrastinator, astronomy enthusiast
"I hope we don't miss the April one," said one excited member, "There was one in 2004, but I thought it was going to be on Tuesday, then it turned out to be Monday. I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed, since I didn't actually get around to looking until Friday, you know how it is. But I still want to catch this one. I'm giving it my all."

"What was nice about this one was, the sun had more color, because it was close to the horizon," offered Jack Markheimer, host of an astronomy series on public access television, "I can tell you from experience, there isn't going to be an 'encore performance', and you can't Tivo it. I feel bad for these people that can't get with a schedule, but you can't phone ahead to an eclipse and say, 'Can you hang on a minute, I'm running a bit late.'"

Solar eclipses occur when Earth, the moon and the sun line up and the moon casts a shadow over Earth. Total eclipses cast Earth into darkness; this was only partial. The next solar eclipse visible from the continental United States will not be until May 20, 2012.

"2012, eh?" responded Rhimes, "Great, that gives us a little time to plan, some wiggle-room in scheduling. I'll talk to Lenny, maybe we can get something up on the web site."
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