Pixos Suck, But You CAN Make Them Stick Together!

OK, I'm not a fan of Pixos. They are from Spinmaster, and as any parent knows, Spinmaster is much better at making commercials than products. As expected, Pixos simply don't work anything like they are depicted on TV.

But my kids wanted them, so I broke down and bought them. They were very disappointed when they sprayed their creations, let them dry, then found they didn't stick together.

So we messed around and played around and google'd around, and finally found a recipe that makes these things almost work. I hope you find it helpful!

First, the pen sucks. Don't even bother. Just put the dots on the frame with your fingers and nudge them into place.

When you've got your design ready to stick together, use the sprayer to really soak it. Especially when the design has a single row of dots, like for a tail or a flower stem. Let it sit there soaked for a few minutes, until the dots visibly merge together. Think of them as blobs of elmer's glue that you wet until they gooze together.

(Generally, you need to do everything more and longer than seems reasonable.)

When they've bonded together, tilt the frame to let the excess water drain off. Then stand the frame up against a wall and aim a hair dryer at it. Let the hairdryer blast on the frame for about 10 minutes. (We used warm, and high fan. I doubt the settings matter all that much.)

After the drying, pop the frame in the freezer for another 10 minutes.

Finally, gently pry around the outer edges of the design with a butter knife, lifting gently taking care to not break the dots apart from one another. Work your way around the design until it lies loose on the frame. Then place your hand over the design and flip the frame over, so the design is left in your hand.

And that, my friends, is the way to use this "fun and easy" product! Enjoy! ;-)

Bottom line: If you can avoid dealing with these things, do so! But if you're trapped between this product and your unhappy children, this may just get you through it.

Got any Pixos tips to make the things work better? Please email them to me at Pixos@TheBentinel.com

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